Andante… ma con Brio

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Andante ma con brio

Music and Giacomo Puccini are two points of reference tied to both history and harmony. In order to acquaint oneself with Lucca, they can also be perceived as two of the fundamental elements generated by a territory rich in history, culture, and tradition.
An attentive and inquisitive visitor should not be surprised to discover how many other artists of great caliber have left mementos of their passage through Lucca and how many major events have been held, in the area, to present day.
Past musicians like Geminiani, Boccherini, Paganini, Catalani and contemporary ones like Chet Baker and The Rolling Stones, to name a few, have all been protagonists in Lucca’s still vibrant musical journey.
Our guided tour consists of a pleasant stroll “andante…. ma con brio” through town, accompanied by excerpts of the artists’ most significant and famous compositions.
So, in addition to getting to know the history and the beauties of Lucca, it will be possible to become acquainted with the musicians, hear anecdotes about their lives and the places in town connected to them, including the Puccini Museum and the theatre, Teatro del Giglio.

Meeting point: Ticket Office of Teatro del Giglio
Meeting time with the local guide: 10.45 a.m.
Beginning of the guided tour: 11.00 a.m.
Duration of the tour: 2 hours and 15 minutes

When: MON/TUE/THU/FRI/SUN from May 5 to October 31

It is offered in two languages as follows: English and Italian

Tour fares: 15.00 Euros per adults – 5.00 Euros per child up to 15 if accompanied by a paying adult
Includes: guided tour and entrance fees to Teatro del Giglio and Puccini Museum Birth Place Lucca
* Should the theatre be closed, a place of equal musical interest will be visited

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