Florence Landscape
It is possible to change or extend the “FLORENCE ITINERARY” including a visit to some of the following places

-Piazzale Michelangelo, ( to be reached by bus). From this famous square we can enjoy unrivalled views of the historical centre of Florence. From here we can go on to see the Romanesque church of San Miniato al Monte
-Palazzo Pitti, in the most famous Renaissance Palace we can admire: La Galleria Palatina, the modern art gallery, the museum of silver and of course the exquisite garden of Boboli
(admission fee)
-Cappella Brancacci al Carmine, houses the frescoes by Masaccio who revolutionized Italian Renaissance Art
(admission fee)
-Church Santo Spirito, designed by Brunelleschi, this church houses a “collection” of 15th century altars(all still intact), with works by the most important artists of the time, as well as an important crucifix, the work of a young Michelangelo
-Church Santa Felicia, it is perhaps the church which lay the foundations for the first Christian community in Florentia. It houses one of the most renowned and beautiful works by the first among Florentine Mannerist artists. “La deposizione di Pontormo” ( the deposition of Pontormo)
-Via Maggio, Along this road prestigious Renaissance buildings house the best known Florentine antique shops