The Gothic Line at Borgo a Mozzano

The Gothic Line at Borgo a Mozzano

Between 1943 and the summer of 1944, the commanders of the German forces decided to construct a formidable defensive line from the Adriatic Sea to the Tyrrhenian Sea (Rimini – Viareggio, 320 km), as a last stronghold against the invasion of Northern Italy, known as the Gothic Line.

The German Todt Organization was in charge of the construction and, in approximately a year with the forced labor of thousands of men, imposing fortifications were built.

In the Mediavalle area of the Serchio River, at Borgo a Mozzano, bunkers, anti-aircraft emplacements, communication trenches, and antitank ditches are still well-preserved. This site is the only one of the entire Gothic Line to have remained intact and therefore, is of substantial historic importance.

Borgo a Mozzano is also known for its “Ponte del Diavolo” (The Devil’s Bridge), the extraordinary and legendary medieval bridge built in the 11th century, which dominates the Serchio River.


  • Meet the guide in front of the train station at Borgo a Mozzano
  • Visit the Museo della Memoria, an evocative World War II museum
  • Visit the “Pozzori” bunker at Borgo a Mozzano
  • Visit the “Madonna di Mao” bunker at Borgo a Mozzano
  • Visit the “La Chiesa” bunker at Anchiano
  • Visit Ponte del Diavolo, the Devil’s Bridge