Food and Wine in Garfagnana


Garfagnana is an area not only rich in natural beauty and history but also boasts an ancient culinary tradition that has been refined over the centuries giving life to an enticing cuisine made of local, simple ingredients that are genuine and nutritious.
Meet your guide in Lucca. There will be a brief stop at Castelnuovo for a look at shops selling traditional local products. Then it is off to a winery for a tasting of local products or, alternatively, lunch in a restaurant specializing in local Slow Food Presidia ( such as biroldo (cured meat made from pig’s head meat, blood, and tongue) and Garfagnana potato bread.
In the afternoon, the tour continues to Castiglione Garfagnana, a former imposing stronghold of the Republic of Lucca, and to finish off the excursion, you will visit a family-run cheese factory that has been producing cheeses, made from the milk of local sheep, goats, and cows, for generations.