Florence Nature and Wildlife Tours


Come and enjoy nature and wildlife tours in the green hills of the Chianti area or just a stone’s throw from Florence; around Piazzale Michelangelo or along the “terracotta” trail to Impruneta.

There are various itineraries to choose from:

  • The Hills of Florence, from Fiesole to Settignano
    We set off from Fiesole, an Etruscan then Roman city, which offers the most spectacular view of Florence. Retrace the ancient Via degli Scalpellini (Stonemasons’ Road) and stop to visit the “pietra serena” quarries, the gray sandstone used extensively in Renaissance Florence.
    We cross the countryside, which bears witness to the harmonious balance between man and nature, to the neo-Gothic (Gothic Revival) Castle of Vincigliata, and then continue to the picturesque village of Settignano.
    Difficulty: an easy excursion of historical and artistic interest with stunning scenery, set against a magnificent landscape.
    Duration: half day
  • From Piazzale Michelangelo to Arcetri along the Ancient Walls of Florence
    We leisurely stroll along enchanting streets from Piazzale Michelangelo to the hill of Arcetri and the Romanesque church of San Miniato. We can admire the medieval castle of Torre del Gallo, numerous farmhouses and villas with their beautiful gardens, which, through time, have accommodated many distinguished people, and continue to Forte di Belvedere.
    We will be immersed in the exquisite Tuscan countryside, with unparalleled views from the ancient villages and hilltops, while just a stone’s throw from the city of Florence.
    Difficulty: a very easy excursion of historical and artistic importance with beautiful scenery.
    Duration: half day
  • From Castle to Castle in Magical Chianti
    Etruscans, Romans, medieval knights, and the Allied Forces all passed this way.
    We will follow their trail and see settlements which have been transformed over time, such as the Castle of the Convertoie and Castle of Uzzano — birthplace of Niccolò, Cosimo de’ Medici’s adversary.
    Today, the Castle of Uzzano produces a renowned Chianti wine.
    Difficulty: an easy excursion, extremely interesting for historical content and spectacular landscape. A must for food and wine lovers.
    Duration: half day
  • The Terracotta Trail, from Impruneta to Falciani
    We set off from Piazza Buondelmonti in the direction of Impruneta, world-famous center of prestigious terracotta production, passing through pine and mixed forests, typical of the hills southwest of Florence, then down to Falciani along roads which offer spectacular scenery. At the end of our walk, we will visit a typical workshop where we can see the production of handmade artistic terracotta.
    Difficulty: an easy excursion, culturally interesting with spectacular landscape views.
    Duration: half day
  • The Medici Family and the Mugello
    From San Piero a Sieve, we set off for the Fortezza di San Martino. The fortress was situated at this point to defend the pass leading to Florence. We then continue along the hills to the Medicean villa at Trebbio. From here, through fields and woods, we make our way to a Romanesque church, where, in one sweeping glance, you can admire the splendid valley of the Mugello.
    Difficulty: an easy excursion for those interested in history, nature, and wonderful scenery.
    Duration: full day
  • The Chianti Area and the Ring Route of Greve, Verrazzano
    This is one of the most interesting itineraries in the heart of the Florentine Chianti area, thanks to a stop at the splendid Castello di Verrazzano, birthplace of the famous explorer, Giovanni da Verrazzano, where excellent local products can be sampled.
    We will also visit the characteristic village of Montefioralle, which retains its original medieval structure, and the Romanesque Church of San Cresci.
    Difficulty: an easy excursion, interesting for the landscape and art and perfect for food and wine lovers.
    Duration: full day