Florence in the distance from Fiesole

Located on a hill overlooking Florence, Fiesole offers the most spectacular panorama of the Renaissance city. Of Etruscan origins, in Roman times, it was the center of the entire region and was called Faesulae.
Fortified in 1325, in the following century it became a favorite spot of the Medici family. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the abundance of villas and gardens in the area made it a highly sought-after location by foreigners.

Meet the guide and visit:

  • Duomo of San Romolo. A Romanesque church with a 19th-century facade. In its interior, there are impressive works of art by Cosimo Rosselli and Mino da Fiesole.
  • Archeological Site. The landscape of the area where the ruins are located is particularly striking. The ruins of the Roman theatre and its cavea, which seated 3000 people, dating back to the Imperial age, are noteworthy. Ruins of the Roman baths, a Roman temple, and a section of the Etruscan walls, built with massive stone blocks, can also be viewed on the site. There is an entrance fee.
  • Archeological Museum. The museum houses findings from the excavations carried out in Fiesole. There is an entrance fee.
  • Church of Sant’Alessandro
  • Church of San Francesco. Built in the 14th century on the site of the ancient acropolis, it was the oratory of the convent of the Romite order of Florence. In the 15th century, it was taken over by the Franciscans and underwent numerous changes during the centuries that followed.

On the way back to Florence, the tour can be extended to include a stop at the Church of San Domenico where, in the 15th century, the prior of the convent was Friar Giovanni da Fiesole, the illustrious painter known as Fra Angelico.

Please note: Entrance fees are extra.