Antiche Camelie della Lucchesia


For the annual Ancient Camellia Flower Exhibition of Lucca, TurisLucca organizes special guided tours to the picturesque village of Sant’Andrea di Compito. This is the 27th edition of the event. Lucca’s wealthy merchants first imported camellias for their gardens from the Far-East in the 18th century.

For a half-day tour, the visit will focus on Sant’Andrea di Compito known as “The Village of the Camellias”. Private gardens are open to the public, in addition to stands, displays, and a Camellietum that exhibits over 600 varieties of Camellia japonica including some of the oldest cultivars in Tuscany.

If you have a full-day at your disposal, you could also tour either the historic center of Lucca, protected by imposing 16 th century walls, or visit a few of the stately historic villas set in Lucca’s countryside to admire lavish gardens with splendid secular camellias.

Where: Pieve and Sant’Andrea di Compito (Lucca)
When: March 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 2016
Info: Admission fee required