City of Pistoia

A traveller wrote at the end of the 19 century -” Those who don’t know Pistoia can’t even imagine what artistic treasures are hidden there” and it is exactly this that surprises visitors who wind on foot through its enchanting streets and squares, not only because of its world renowned artistic masterpieces but because of the atmosphere you feel as you lose yourself in its streets.

Meeting with the guide and visit to:
-S. Andrea church, is one of the leading examples of the Romanesque style in Pistoia
-Ospedale del Ceppo , with the characteristic glazed frieze
-Piazza del Duomo , famous buildings which have strongly influenced the history of this city as the Palazzo Comunale (town hall), Palazzo del Podestà, the Duomo (cathedral), the Battistero(Baptistry) and the Palazzo dei Vescovi ( bishop’s palace) all dominate this square
-Piazza della Sala, a very colourful market takes place here.
-S. Giovanni Fuorcivitas church