City of Pistoia

As a traveller wrote toward the end of the 19 century, ” Those who are not familiar with Pistoia cannot imagine what artistic treasures it hides”.

Even today, visitors are amazed by what they discover and see in the streets and squares as they make their own way through town. But it is not just Pistoia’s outstanding buildings and monuments that make a lasting impression, it is also its alluring atmosphere.

Meet the guide and visit:
Church of Sant’Andrea, a wonderful example of Pistoia Romanesque style
Ospedale del Ceppo, a medieval hospital, where people would always find hospitality and medical care, embellished with a majestic 16th-century glazed terracotta frieze
Piazza del Duomo, flanked by buildings which have marked the history of the town, the Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall), Palazzo del Podestà, Duomo (Cathedral), Baptistery and Palazzo dei Vescovi (Bishops’ Palazzo)
– Piazza della Sala, location of a very colorful and lively marketplace
Church of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas