Marble quarries

Not only do the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan- Emilian Apennine define a natural border between distinct regions, they are an extraordinary ring of marble peaks delineating two worlds, worlds which differ for their climate and culture, the north from the Mediterranean.
From the Apuan Alps which soar up to 2.000 metres, we can enjoy a breathtaking view. With a sweeping look we take in the white cascades of the marble quarries which provide a stunning backdrop to the blue sea of the Tuscan coast.
No other place on earth can match the incomparable beauty
of Carrara marble, so prestigious that the “divine” Michelangelo chose it to immortalise his masterpieces.

Meeting with the guide at the motorway exit of Carrara and visit to a:
-Sawmill and adjoining workshop, where we will be given a technical explanation about the machinery and tools used to change the extracted marble to the finished product
-Marble pit, to gain an insight into the different ways marble is extracted. From the Roman age to the present.
We will walk through the three marble basins through the ancient tunnels of the quarry railway.
-Carving workshop

This excursion can be changed and extended to include a visit to the city of Carrara, its Fortress, the castle of Malaspina, the cathedral , the Renaissance Piazza Alberica and the Medieval city walls.