San Miniato

San Miniato_Federico II tower
This ancient centre was founded in the 8th century.

In the Middle Ages it became the see of the Imperial Vicars who used it to control the whole territory. Personalities like Federico Barbaresca and FedericoII brought prestige to this city and the many splendid architectural examples dating back to their days are an example of this influence.
The delicious truffle ranks very high in the local cuisine.

Meeting with guide and visit to:
Church of S. Domenico, with its Baroque frescoes and itsRenaissance sculptures and painting
Piazza del Seminario
Piazza del Duomo, square dominated by the Cathedral, the Palazzo del Vescovo, the Torre Matilde and the museum of “Sacred art”
Torre di Federico II, this tower is symbol of imperial the power (admission fee)
Church of the Holy Crucifix, with the picture of one of the most worshipped crucifixes in 15th century Tuscany