Romanesque Country Churches

Pieve San Gennaro capital

In pursuit of ancient places of worship: remnants of a past that have managed to stand the test of time, immersed in nature.

  • Pieve di Diecimo
    A 13th-century church located in the Serchio River Valley noted for its imposing bell tower and the remains of an early medieval pulpit.
  • Pieve di Brancoli
    One of the most interesting examples of Lucca-style Romanesque art, housing a wealth of fine works by “Comacini” masters (stone masons and sculptors from the Como Lake area) including a baptismal font and splendid 13th-century pulpit.
  • Pieve di San Gennaro
    An extremely suggestive church with one of the few signed pulpits of the 12th century and an earthenware statue attributed to Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Pieve di Santa Maria del Giudice
    Located just a short distance from where they were quarried, the calcareous stones of the Monti Pisani exalt the purity and beauty of this Romanesque church making it one of the most beautiful in the territory of Lucca.

Two churches can be visited in a half day tour.
Some of these churches can only be reached by mini bus.