Collodi is the town that gave the Florentine writer Carlo Lorenzetti his pseudonym. In fact, he wrote the world-famous tale The Adventures of Pinocchio as Carlo Collodi.
The town is interesting to both adults and children.

Meet the guide and visit:
Garden of Villa Garzoni, a splendid Baroque garden embellished with 18th-century statues and ingenious water works. It was already well-known and appreciated at the end of the 18th century throughout Europe, and is still today one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. An entrance fee is required.

Pinocchio Theme Park, relive Pinocchio’s adventures by walking through the park. Some of the best known scenes have been recreated with the aid of bronze statues and various representations so you can be part of and experience, first- hand the wooden boy’s story. An entrance fee is required.

Historical Center of Collodi, the upper part of the town is characterized by its medieval nucleus. It is a maze of narrow  winding streets, steps and steep paths; the ideal setting for a fairytale.

Please note: entrance fees are extra