The Villas of Lucca

Villa Reale

Just a few minutes away from the historical center of Lucca, nestled among olive groves and vineyards, we find the elegant villas that were built by the local aristocracy. Not only were they the summer residences of the noble families but they also represented a certain status as can be seen from their beautiful architecture and lavish interior décor.

  • Villa Torrigiani Santini
    A spectacular Baroque villa. The gardens still retain their original form, rich in surprises and amazing water games. The splendid interior of the villa, completely furnished and decorated, can also be visited.
  • Villa Reale di Marlia
    From 1805, Napoleon’s sister, the princess Elisa Baciocchi Bonaparte, considered this villa her favorite residence. The park and its splendid gardens, including the extraordinary 17th-century green “verzura” open-air theatre where the famous violinist Paganini performed for Elisa and her guests, can be visited. The newly-restored interior of the Villa can also be viewed.
  • Villa Mansi
    The summer residence of one of the wealthiest families in Lucca. The architect Filippo Juvarra was commissioned to work on the gardens. The unfurnished interior can also be visited.
  • Villa Bernardini
    This 17th-century villa still houses, in its gardens, a wonderful green theatre that seats 400. The villa has many original and exceptional furnishings; both it and its gardens can be visited.
  • Villa Grabau
    This villa is of significant importance due to the variety of plants and trees present in its gardens, with orange and lemon houses especially designed for storing citrus fruit plants. Both the villa and gardens can be visited.
  • Villa Oliva
    One of the Renaissance residences of the very wealthy Buonvisi family. Its wonderful gardens can be visited.