Pisa Nature and Wildlife Tours


The province of Pisa has suggestive natural landscapes that can be admired by taking easy walking or hiking tours.  Two itineraries are possible.  

Calci and the Castle of Verruca

A few kilometers from Pisa, there is the splendid monastery, Certosa di Calci.
Starting at the Certosa, we set off through a lush green valley covered with olive trees and dotted with ancient farmhouses. A trail leads to the top of the village of Caprona. At the summit of the hill, there are the ruins of the castle of Verruca. As Dante did before us, we too can appreciate the breathtaking views of the vast plain of Pisa down to Livorno, from the Arno River to the Tyrrhenian Sea. On clear days, the islands of Corsica, Capraia, and Gorgona are clearly visible.
Difficulty: fairly easy; an interesting itinerary for artistic and historical content, with stunning scenery and landscapes.
Duration: half day

The Regional Park of Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli

The Park of Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli is one of the most natural and unspoiled habitats in Tuscany.
The park is divided between the provinces of Lucca and Pisa and offers nature lovers the chance to see the animal and plant species that have always populated the woodlands and marshlands around the Arno and Serchio Rivers.
The Lake of Massaciuccoli is also part of the park. Take a boat ride across the lake and then stroll to the ruins of a Roman villa and baths built by the Venulei family in the 1st century AD.
Difficulty: fairly easy; an interesting itinerary for historical content and landscapes and scenery.
Duration: half day