City of Siena

Siena_Piazza del Campo
Cradled in the lolling hills of Chianti, the ancient city of Siena has always drawn eager visitors. Winding through the enchanting medieval streets with the many enticing shops, the towers and the aristocratic palaces, we almost unwittingly end up in the famous Piazza del Campo.
Here, more than in other Tuscan city, the medieval spirit lingers and over the centuries its traditions have become part of everyday life.
Siena was at its grandest between the 13th and 14th centuries, a period which sees the works of the major representatives of the Italian Gothic period who lived in this inspiring city. Amongst others were Simone Martini, the Lorenzetti brothers and Jacopo della Quercia.

Meeting with the guide and visit to:
-S. Domenico Church, inside this imposing Gothic church are some very important frescos as well as the relics of S. Caterina, worshipped by all
-Banchi di Sopra and Banchi di Sotto, these are the city’s busiest streets with the noble palaces as well as the many appealing shops where you can find typical gastronomic delicacies such as Panforte and Ricciarelli, the world’s renowned Chianti and Brunello wines, the cold meats and pici(hand-rolled pasta)
-Piazza del Campo, this square has always been the political and commercial centre of the ancient Sienese republic and it is also the place where the famous Palio delle Contrade (a horse race) takes place twice a year, opposite Torre del Mangia and Palazzo Pubblico
-Cathedral and Baptistry (admission fee), the cathedral of Siena, a work by Giovanni Pisano, with its imposing presence and splendid façade, is one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in Tuscany. Inside we can admire the works by Donatello, Nicola and Giovanni Pisano
-Palazzo Chigi-Saracini, boasts typical medieval architecture

This itinerary can be changed or extended to include a visit to:
-Palazzo Pubblico, (admission fee )
-Cathedral Museum, (admission fee )