Le Cinque Terre

Through centuries of dedicated, passionate, and continuous work, man has demonstrated how it is possible to improve upon Nature by transforming a wild territory of extremes into an authentic corner of paradise full of unparalleled harmony and charm.  Where?  The Cinque Terre.

The sea is only a backdrop to the incredible beauty of the steep rocky cliffs, vertical vineyards, and romantic villages, which appear out of nowhere, all immersed in nature, uncontaminated and intoxicating.

To walk or hike along the multitude of trails is a unique experience.  The winding paths, flanked by dry stone walls, climb up along steep cliffs and hills that plunge directly into the sea. You can appreciate how human ingenuity has bent the will of the most hostile of environments.

Those visiting the Cinque Terre should not be surprised to find valuable artistic and architectural treasures from elegant marble rose-windows and local handmade bobbin lace to 15th-century paintings by native artists, nor by the famous poets who were inspired by this territory or the food and wine in keeping with the uniqueness and excellence of this world unto itself.

The National Park and Marine Protected Area of the Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, were established with the aim of safeguarding the great cultural heritage and natural environment and landscape of the area.