Mostra Mercato dell’Azalea

Ponte del Diavolo

The Mostra Mercato dell’Azalea is flower show specializing in azaleas with numerous colorful displays placed along the streets and throughout the town of Borgo a Mozzano using a huge selection of the flowers and plants.

The event began in 1970 when a detailed study observed that every house and court in the territory had numerous azalea plants that seemed to grow and reproduce themselves easily and spontaneously. Since then, the azalea has become the symbol of Borgo a Mozzano and the town is considered to be the azalea capital of Italy.

During the guided tour, it will also be possible to:

  • Sample typical local products at Gusto/Azalea
  • Visit the renowned Ponte del Diavolo (Devil’s Bridge) and the Church of San Jacopo that contains Andrea della Robbia’s magnificent Mary Magdalene.
  • Visit the Museo della Memoria (Memorial Museum) and the fortifications of the World War II defensive Gothic Line, still intact today and recently restored.
  • Visit the Observatory at Monte Agliale
  • Visit the Olive Oil Mill of Valdottavo

Where: Borgo a Mozzano (Lucca)
When: April 15, 16, 17, 2016
Info: Free Admission