Historical Versilia

Torre del Lago Sea side

Versilia is a geographical expanse set between the towns of Viareggio and the dazzling and stylish Forte dei Marmi. It is considered to be one of the most popular seaside resort areas in Tuscany.

Apart from the famed Carnival Festival of Viareggio, few know about the historical, artistic, and architectural wonders tucked away in the less trodden towns of the hinterland such as Pietrasanta and Camaiore.

Meet the guide and visit:

  • Viareggio: take a leisurely stroll along the teeming seafront and discover some very beautiful and characteristic buildings in Art Nouveau style.
  • Pietrasanta: an ancient and charming town where artists and sculptors have gathered since the 15th century. Today it is considered an international art and sculpture center. Many of the most famous contemporary artists in the world come to use the local marble studios and bronze foundries. Some have established themselves here, others come for a few months of the year. Walking through the town, many outdoor sculptures can be admired.
    Worthy of visit is the Museo dei Bozzetti which exhibits a fascinating collection of plaster casts and preparatory works, located in the former Convent of Sant’Agostino.
  • Camaiore: visit the small and picturesque town which dates back to Roman times and was fortified in the Middle Ages. A stop at the well-known 12th-century Abbey of San Pietro is also a definite must.

It is possible to visit a workshop or foundry (entrance fee)