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Pescia is internationally renowned as the flower capital, however its history and works of art are also deserving of praise.

Meeting with the guide and visit to:
-Ex Flower trading centre a very interesting structure architecturally, dating back to the late 1940’s. It presently houses the biennial Flower Festival
-S. Francesco church this church is of Gothic origins which houses a plate representing Saint Francis of the 18th century, attributed to Bonaventura Berlinghieri
-Piazza Mazzini characterized by its elongated shape it is the commercial and social centre of Pescia. Many important buildings dominate this square
-Località Pietrabuona Flowers alone were not solely responsible for the economic development of this town, the paper industry has also played an important part. At 4 km from Pescia, Pietrabuona houses the ” Centro di documentazione sulla lavorazione della carta” a sort of centre archive for the paper industry where we can see how paper has been produced over the centuries

Flower lovers can personally see flowers being sold wholesale at the Flower trading centre, but you must be an early bird!