The Hills of Valdinievole

Buggiano Castello_landscape
Just a short distance away from Montecatini Terme, in the southwestern part of the province of Pistoia, you can find the Valdinievole (Nievole River Valley).
There are many medieval fortresses and hamlets worthy to be seen.

Meet the guide and visit:

Montecatini Alto
This is where Montecatini originated. The ruins of the ancient fortifications, the Church of San Pietro and Piazza Giusti, with its medieval towers, attest to its long-ago days and exude an Old World atmosphere.
The panorama from Montecatini Alto is not to be missed – the vista sweeping out to the horizon – is so vast that this is considered to be an observation point from which half of the region of Tuscany can be seen.

Buggiano Castello
The most picturesque and characteristic hamlet of the hills of the Valdinievole. The Palazzo Pretorio and Pieve (Romanesque church) alone are worth the visit but the many cultural and folklore events held, especially in the summer months, make Buggiano attractive to lovers of history, art and local traditions