Florence in the distance from Fiesole
Located on a hill overlooking Florence and enjoying a wonderful view is Fiesole, a city of Etruscan origins which became, under the Roman rule, the centre of the whole region under the name of Faesulae. In 1325 it was fortified and in 15 hundred it became the Medici’s favourite holiday resort. In the 18th and 19th centuries villas and parks added to its grandeur making it a sought- after destination for foreign visitors.

Meeting with the guide and visit to:
-Duomo di S.Romolo, Romanesque cathedral whose façade was rebuilt in the 19th century. Inside the church there are noteworthy works by Cosimo Rosselli and Mino da Fiesole
-Archeological site, the landscape in which the ruins are set is particularly suggestive and inspiring. The ruins of the Roman theatre dating back to the Imperial age stand out with its
Cavea that seats 3.000. Part of the archaeological site are the remains of the Roman baths, ruins of a Roman temple and the remains of Etruscan walls which were built with massive stone blocks (admission fee)
-Archeological museum, holds finds from the excavations in Fiesole (admission fee)
-S. Alessandro church
-S. Francesco church, it was built in the 14th century as the convent oratory of the Florentine Romite order, on the site where the ancient acropolis stood. In the 15th century it was taken over by the Franciscans and in the centuries that followed underwent numerous changes

On our way back to Florence we can extend this itinerary to include a stop at the church of S. Domenico in whose convent brother Giovanni da Fiesole, known as Beato Angelico, was the prior.