San Gimignano

San Gimignano
S. Gimignano, with its numerous medieval towers, stands on rolling green Tuscan hills among olive groves and vineyards.
During the Middle Ages it developed along Via Francigena, the principal road that led pilgrims to Rome and became one of the most prosperous Tuscan cities.

Meeting with the guide and visit to:
-Piazza della Cisterna, it is the main square in S. Gimignano and is named after the ancient well that dates back to 1273.
-Piazza del Duomo, the Collegiata (admission fee ), the palaces and seven of the many towers in S. Gimignano, characterize this very suggestive medieval square
-Palazzo del Popolo, this 14th century palace is dominated by the very high tower (51m)from whose top we can enjoy a stunning view. (admission fee)
-Palazzo del Governo, a medieval palace with a wide portico on the ground floor and the remarkable “Torre Rognosa”
-Chiesa di S.Agostino (church), very suggestive 13th century church where you can admire the many frescos by Benozzo Gozzoli