Nick Cave

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at Lucca Summer Festival

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We have been thinking about the concert of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in Lucca for two days. Two days of thought regarding music, the blues, the devil, desperation, the search for comfort and solace. Two days and we still haven’t quite figured it out. The train came through at full throttle and struck us down. Nick Cave is a headmaster, a craftsman, a guru, a shaman, a vampire hunter. Nick Cave kept company with the devil and the devil wrenched away his fifteen year old son. This is the tragic reality, the most plausible to try to understand what happened on stage in this tour. Never before have life and desperation been played with such mystic force and resonant anger by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. You are left stunned. Sudden solids and voids, dynamics that...

Flyer Andante con brio

Daily guided music tour of the historical city: Andante… ma con brio

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What do Mick Jagger and Niccolò Paganini have in common, aside from a full head of hair and a “bad boy” rock star reputation? (“Paganini was kind of the first rock star […] he would take popular melodies and do variations on them, I’m a crossover artist,” says violinist David Garrett, in an interview for cinematografo.it. Garrett portrayed Paganini in the 2013 film, The Devil’s Violinist.) So, what is it that they have in common? For example, a city, Lucca. Paganini came to stay for a time when he was young and in love. Jagger…, not as young, came to give a memorable concert in which he excused himself for not performing any of Puccini’s music. Despite being the birthplace of the great Puccini, Lucca, reserved as it is, does not like to showcase itself, not even with the...