Our guide Gabriele at Piazza dei Miracoli

Guided tours: Lucca or Pisa?

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Lucca or Pisa: that is the question: Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to stroll along the Renaissance walls of Lucca or go to Pisa to admire the medieval Piazza dei Miracoli. Well, both can be done with a bit of organization. A guided tour of Lucca, which by the city’s own volition is not part of traditional tourist itineraries, is a favorite among those who want to see the real Tuscany. The Tuscany of small towns and hamlets full of art; where there are small gems to discover, photograph, talk about, and share; where you can slow down, linger, and relax. No competition with Renaissance Florence or medieval Siena. Lucca is kind of a world unto itself. Secluded, reserved, but abounding with small and large treasures waiting to be found. Everyone is familiar with Piazza Anfiteatro (a great...