Cerruglio fortification

The fortified hilltop village of Montecarlo with its splendidly preserved walls is located only a few kilometers from Lucca. It is renowned for its prestigious DOC wines and DOP extra-virgin olive oil.

  • Arrive by bus at the foot of the fortress.
  • Stroll through the narrow streets of this charming medieval hamlet, stopping at an observation point that offers a magnificent view of the plain of Lucca.
  • Visit the medieval Church of Sant’Andrea that houses a noteworthy 15th-century painting of the Madonna del Soccorso by a prestigious Florentine master, follower of Lippi.
  • Upon request (entrance fee is required), the fortification itself, Cerruglio, can be visited. Today, it is private property.
  • Visit the small Teatro dei Rassicurati, a splendid example of an early 19th-century academic theatre, still actively used today.