As a traveller wrote toward the end of the 19 century, ” Those who are not familiar with Pistoia cannot imagine what artistic treasures it hides”. Even today, visitors are amazed by what they discover and see in the streets and squares as they make their way through town. But it is not just Pistoia’s outstanding buildings and monuments that make a lasting impression, it is also it’s alluring atmosphere


City of Pistoia

As a traveller wrote toward the end of the 19 century, ” Those who are not familiar with Pistoia cannot imagine what artistic treasures it hides”. Even...

Marino Marini Museum_Pistoia

Contemporary Art Museums

It is possible to change or add to the city of Pistoia tour by including a visit to its noteworthy museums. Contemporary art is of great importance in Pistoia....



Collodi is the town that gave the Florentine writer Carlo Lorenzetti his pseudonym. In fact, he wrote the world-famous tale The Adventures of Pinocchio...

Montecatini Terme_Tettuccio Spa

Montecatini Terme

Located in the heart of Tuscany, in the province of Pistoia, Montecatini Terme is one of the most famous spa towns in Italy. The...

Buggiano Castello_landscape

The Hills of Valdinievole

Just a short distance away from Montecatini Terme, in the southwestern part of the province of Pistoia, you can find the Valdinievole (Nievole River...

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Pescia is a charming, although lesser-known, town in the province of Pistoia. For centuries silk was produced here, but this came to an end...

Castella pesciatine

In the valley north of Pescia, there are old fortified villages of Le Castella. The unspoiled natural lush green landscape in which they are set reminded the Swiss...