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Top 5 Spring Individual Tours in Lucca and Pisa

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With spring comes a new season of guided tours. As we wait to unveil our new itineraries, here are our top 5 spring tours; there’s something for everyone! Lucca by Bike Our number one tour is a visit of Lucca by bike; a classic. Riding around in spring, with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, especially up on the Renaissance Walls, is a delight! In fact, with our bikes, we ride along the entire ring of the Walls under the plane, horse chestnut, lime, and oak trees and then swing down to the Amphitheater Square and other monumental squares in town. Just like the people of Lucca: they use their bikes to ride on the Walls or through the town’s narrow streets because, inside the walls, the center is a huge restricted traffic zone,...