Presepe in Lucca

Christmas in Lucca

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With the excuse of visiting markets, Christmas street markets, nativity scenes, Christmas exhibitions, you can also tour Lucca. Let’s unite pleasure with …. pleasure …. in just five easy steps. 1. Santa Maria Corteorlandini and its Nativity Scenes This is one of the most beautiful and little-known churches in Lucca. The Christmas period is a perfect time to visit it. Its name is aristocratic and important. The Rolandinghi family, in the Early Middle Ages, resided in this square leaving the high-sounding name to the Church. It also has another name used by the locals, Santa Maria Nera, and shortly we will discover why. The church has a sober exterior but is richly decorated inside as was the case with the majority of the palazzos of Lucca’s aristocracy. Columns, arches, altars, and lavish frescoes done by the best artists of...