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Princess Elisa Bonaparte, the Scents of Flowers and Life on Television

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What would Elisa Bonaparte, Princess of Lucca, Massa, and Piombino and younger sister of Napoleon, have said if she had known that they would be talking about her on TV in Lucca after two centuries? And why? Because of military campaigns? Economic and social reforms in the wake of the French Revolution? No, ladies and gentlemen. It is in regard to a much more light-hearted reason, might I say “fragrant”. This powerful, modern, and revolutionary young woman, among other things, introduced new varieties of plants and flowers to Lucca and Tuscany. On February 21, a conference in regard to this subject was held in the rooms where Elisa’s court theatre used to be in Palazzo Ducale in Lucca. The event was filmed by a Tuscan network, Channel 50, and sponsored by the Filippo Mazzei Cultural Circle of Pisa. The...

Elisa Bonaparte

The Wells of Lucca

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According to tradition, in ancient times, Lucca was supplied with water via aqueduct, possibly an underground one, starting in proximity of Moriano.  The aqueduct was the source of numerous fountains, of which, some locations are known to us even today ( it should be mentioned that the layout of the ancient roman aqueduct was probably still in existence at this time and according to Silva reached approximately, as far as to where the church of San Frediano stands today) Read all