Look at Lucca

Look at Lucca: Why should you visit Lucca?

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What makes Lucca one of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany? Why is it so charming and a must-see? Why should a day or more be spent in Lucca? These are some of the questions that many visitors contemplate when they are planning a trip to Italy and to Tuscany in particular. Tuscany is world-famous for its superb art, cuisine, and landscape, but, it is a multi-faceted territory that visitors should take time to explore. There are many wondrous things to see such as astounding hilltop villages and small towns dating back centuries. Nature abounds: there are rolling green hills, majestic mountains, a coast that alternates long and sandy beaches with rocky cliffs, natural hot springs, an archipelago of islands, protected natural areas and national parks. Even daily life has a particular rhythm. Lucca is in the northwest part...