Maria Luisa

Taking a stroll in Lucca with Maria Luisa Borbone

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One of the best descriptions of Maria Luisa Borbone [Bourbon], who was the Infanta of Spain, Queen of Etruria, and reigning Duchess of Lucca, that I have ever read, was written by Mario Tobino (writer, poet, psychiatrist, born in Viareggio, province of Lucca, in 1910) and can be found in his collection of short stories entitled “Sulla spiaggia e al di là del molo”. I don’t know whether it’s the best description because, if my memory doesn’t fail me, most written accounts usually depict Maria Luisa’s more conservative aspects: her excessive religiousness, her absolutism, reactionism, and devotion to church and family. Nonetheless, she brought to fruition many of the ideas and projects of her predecessor, Elisa Bonaparte, with an enlightened spirit despite the fact that she was more of a reviver/restorer. No mean feat. Some of her accomplishments: schools...

Acquedotto Nottolini Lucca

Itineraries through history and nature: The Nottolini’s aqueduct in Lucca

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I am not the first to deal with this topic and I can not help do it enthusiastically. First because I'm a tour guide, and then because this side of Tuscany never stops to amaze me. Few places I know can boast such a relaxing therapeutic effects as the narrow path that leads you straight from the walls of Lucca to the Pisan mountains, along the aqueduct arches of Lucca Read all