Lucca Italy is a Fantastic Walking Tour Destination

Streets of Lucca

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Visiting Lucca is very much like stepping back into time. Unlike Rome, which is a large bustling metropolis with honking horns and constant sirens, Lucca offers peace and quiet with an old world feel. Lucca Italy is a fantastic walking tour destination. In the early morning, as the light is just starting to touch Lucca’s walls, I found solace on my morning walks. I would step away from my amazingly quaint hotel, the Alla Corte degli Angeli, and wander the stone streets alone before breakfast, listening to the community coming alive with the friendliness of a small village. This is a fond memory of my time spent there.

Walking for wellness is easy in Lucca; there’s no need to rent a car if you are staying in Lucca proper as the streets and surrounding walls are a delight. Walking tours are very common and a guided tour through the city center can easily end with a home cooked meal consumed cafe-style on a street table outdoors at a local restaurant.

One of the most delightful and captivating things about Lucca is that it is the home of Giacomo Puccini, the famous Italian composer who was born in Lucca in 1858. He composed La bohème, Tosca, and Madame Butterfly. Lucca is filled with music and our walking tours to Casa Natale and the Puccini Museum told the story of Puccini and his upbringing in the small town of Lucca. Delightfully, we also walked to attend a performance with opera singers that featured his most famous pieces. Filling your ears with history definitely warms the heart.

In the late afternoon, the light bounces off the buildings and creates a golden light which makes the town glow with warmth. Besides an  immense selection of local Tuscan wines and olive oils, you will also find some astounding handy crafts such as hand-loomed scarves and custom painted tiles. My favorite experience in Lucca, however, was truly the walking. Around every corner you will find a delightful view, which urges a traveler to take a few extra steps to find the next bend. Lucca Italy is a Fantastic Walking Tour Destination. Old churches, beautiful streets, and a warm people add to the simple beauty of Lucca. I found my heart unexpectedly captured and my soul healed with good food and lovely memories.

Special thanks to #LuccaPromos for helping me discover that Lucca Italy is indeed a fantastic walking tour destination. I loved the experience and am grateful for the press tour. Staying at the Alla Corte degli Angeli hotel was a highlight of the trip – beautiful place with a delightful restaurant and breakfast. I enjoyed the #LandofPuccini and learning so much tour on the #Lucca #guidedtour experience was wonderful. Thank you.

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