Camellias and their Surroundings

Cammellias in the garden

Spring is in the air.

The countryside of Lucca is characterized by the elegant, variegated and multicolored camellias in full bloom.

In these days, the ancient villas of Lucca used to open their gates to their remarkable ‘secret’ gardens to welcome lovers of art, architecture, history, and beauty, including the spectacular Villa Reale of Marlia (recently restored) and the exquisite Villa Torrigiani of Camigliano, both of which have extraordinary camellia plant collections.

Castelvecchio di Compito and Pieve di Compito are picturesque hamlets located just twenty minutes away from Lucca, immersed in olive groves with small babbling brooks of spring water, descending from the Monti Pisani (Pisan Hills).
The residents of this area have transformed their private gardens, big and small, and communal areas into an authentic and unique park where the Camellia, in every shape, form, and color, is Queen.

If you love good food, you would have found another reason to visit the area. Local olive oil with homemade bread and fresh seasonal vegetables accompany heartier traditional dishes like tordelli (meat-filled handmade ravioli) and cured meats such as biroldo (Tuscan blood sausage) and salsicce (Italian sausages), all of which are incomparable.

At Turislucca, we have prepared various itineraries to appeal to all the senses.

Of course, right now we cannot visit this wonders but we are keen to welcome you as soon as this hard period will be over!


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