Puccini’s comment in regard to the plaque that once commemorated the place where the composer Boccherini resided in Via della Dogana

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Eleven Unusual Things to See in Lucca On the wall of the hotel, Albergo San Martino in Via della Dogana, 9, a plaque has been placed, once again, to remember where Luigi Boccherini, renowned composer of Lucca known for his famous Minuet in A, had lived for a few years of his life.  During the Fascist period, the plaque had been removed because it was considered unseemly given that the building had since become a famous house of ill repute. In fact, Giacomo Puccini, who considered Boccherini to be the most famous composer of Lucca, wrote to his sister Ramelde on 6 March 1901, commenting in proverbial Tuscan irony: “…and to think that Boccherini only has a plaque on the wall of a brothel!” Today, this comment can be read on a small commemorative plaque found just outside the entrance...

Flyer Andante con brio

Daily guided music tour of the historical city: Andante… ma con brio

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What do Mick Jagger and Niccolò Paganini have in common, aside from a full head of hair and a “bad boy” rock star reputation? (“Paganini was kind of the first rock star […] he would take popular melodies and do variations on them, I’m a crossover artist,” says violinist David Garrett, in an interview for cinematografo.it. Garrett portrayed Paganini in the 2013 film, The Devil’s Violinist.) So, what is it that they have in common? For example, a city, Lucca. Paganini came to stay for a time when he was young and in love. Jagger…, not as young, came to give a memorable concert in which he excused himself for not performing any of Puccini’s music. Despite being the birthplace of the great Puccini, Lucca, reserved as it is, does not like to showcase itself, not even with the...

Gabriele Calabrese

GlobeTrotter Jon Haggins in Lucca, with Gabriele Calabrese

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Part 1: Giacomo Puccini, other famous Lucca composers, music and show venues of Lucca are the common thread in the first part of Jon Haggins’s documentary. Gabriele guides the guests through the town, entertaining them with anecdotes and unravelling this long thread that is permanently and “harmoniously” tied to the history of Lucca.

Giacomo Puccini

TurisLucca, as a partner of Puccini Fundation, has created a special guided walk dedicated to Puccini’s locations in Lucca. An important event to celebrate Puccini’s home museum reopening

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Puccini and Lucca Guided walks of Puccini’s homeland Music and Lucca are intrinsically linked thanks to the very many great music composers and talented musicians born in this Tuscan town. The link of Lucca with music becomes even stronger when we refer to its most illustrious and celebrated musical name : Giacomo Puccini. Here he was born and bred in music. Here in Lucca he could mould his particular cultural and artistic talent which made the birth of all his masterpieces possible. On the occasion of the re-opening of Puccini’s birthplace museum we propose an itinerary aimed at those who wish to experience intense musical emotions by offering the chance to visit many of the sites where Puccini spent his youth and where he celebrated his triumphs once he became a famous composer The tour starts by meeting with...