TurisLucca, as a partner of Puccini Fundation, has created a special guided walk dedicated to Puccini’s locations in Lucca. An important event to celebrate Puccini’s home museum reopening

Lucca: Teatro del Giglio

Puccini and Lucca
Guided walks of Puccini’s homeland

Music and Lucca are intrinsically linked thanks to the very many great music composers and talented musicians born in this Tuscan town.
The link of Lucca with music becomes even stronger when we refer to its most illustrious and celebrated musical name : Giacomo Puccini. Here he was born and bred in music. Here in Lucca he could mould his particular cultural and artistic talent which made the birth of all his masterpieces possible.

On the occasion of the re-opening of Puccini’s birthplace museum we propose an itinerary aimed at those who wish to experience intense musical emotions by offering the chance to visit many of the sites where Puccini spent his youth and where he celebrated his triumphs once he became a famous composer

The tour starts by meeting with the licensed tour guide at the tourist information centre in Piazzale Verdi.

The tour will include:

  • A brief historical introduction to discover how music has always strongly distinguished the life of Lucca since the Middle Ages
  • Visit to St. Paolino’s Church which was Puccini’s own Parish Church where it is possible to see one of the first organs he used to play, particularly in his early years
  • A stop at the Master’s statue in Cittadella Square erected close to the house where he was born with a visit to the Birthplace Museum in Corte San Lorenzo (Read below for fees and information)
  • The tour continues through St Michele Square heading to Napoleon Square. In this latter square you will find the Late-Renaissance Palace, once the seat of government where many concerts were performed in celebration of the Republic of Lucca. Several of Puccini’s ancestors held the post of Director and official composer of the palace chapel.
  • We pass along the city theatre called Teatro del Giglio. (To visit the theatre we need to receive a pre-booking in order to check the availability of the theatre).
  • Visit to St Martin’s Cathedral.
  • Then we propose a walk around the twisting medieval streets with particular attention to the little shops and the old café Caselli, today called Di Simo, that Puccini loved and where he was a regular.
  • A stop at the Music Institute dedicated to Luigi Boccherini, another major Lucchese composer. The music school is where not only the Puccinis but also today’s students have received a prestigious musical education.

By pre-booking, at the end of this tour you may enjoy a concert of Puccini’s music to be performed in one of the locations in Lucca associated with the great composer. (See below for further information)

Puccini’s tour information and costs
The guided walk will last no longer than three hours
Group fare: 105 Euros up to 25 people + 2 Euros every extra person beyond the first 25 .
Please Note: the ticket of Puccini’s birthplace and museum 5 Euros per person – is not included in the tour visit fee..

It is possible to book a little concert of Puccini’s music to be performed at any of the following Puccinian town locations:

  • Del Giglio Theatre
  • The auditorium of Boccherini High school of Music
  • Organ music concert at St. Pietro Somaldi’s Church

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