Lucca through time – February

January has come and gone and it’s now February, the second month of the year. Do you remember the sculpted medieval panels in the loggia of the Cathedral of Lucca, San Martino? I’m sure you do. February is depicted by a fisherman, intent upon catching a nice-sized fish with his fishing pole. Why was fishing chosen as a means to procure food in winter?

In the Middle Ages, more so than today, the territory surrounding Lucca was extremely water-rich. Streams, brooks, the many tributaries of the Serchio River, nearby lakes and marshes supplied many varieties of fish. Even in winter, nature offered opportunities to find nourishment. And today, our territory is being revitalized by the return of many species of animals which had been absent from it for a very long time. In particular, the green area immediately outside the walls is teeming with life and has become the largest natural urban wetland of Tuscany and perhaps of Italy. And now it is possible to see young people fishing in the canals running round the walls. So dear friends, how about that? Who would have thought it possible?

A territory and a city, Lucca has a lot of surprises in store every month of the year. See you in March!

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