Lucca through time – January

Here we are in the month of January.
The first month of the year, and in the panels of the Duomo of Lucca it is represented by a farmer warming himself in front of a fire.
Winter can be cold and bleak and shows its true colors and multiple faces in the city and in the countryside in this stretch of Tuscany which lies between the mountains and the sea.

The city appears monumental and immobile due to a diminished presence of people. The countryside appears even colder and more hostile. Yet, both have a unique and irresistible appeal, recalling emotions of long-ago, human and collected, with an invitation to remain safely at home, cozy and snug. Even animals, be it city or country, adapt to winter mode as did medieval man, as does contemporary man today.

Some ancient traditions of our territory, especially those tied to seasonal products, have been maintained, generating conviviality, knowledge, and beauty. Fire warms the soul and when it is skillfully managed, it can be used to cook food like traditional castagnaccio and scrumptious befanotti.
January has come and gone and February is knocking at the door. February also has many things to offer; actually, Lucca and its territory always have many interesting things to offer!

So, see you in February…

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