Lucca through time

This year, more so than in past decades, we were forced to change the pace of our lifestyles. We had to modify our way of working and even, what became, our long breaks of free time. It sometimes seemed as if we were frozen in time. At this point, life has placed us in these particular circumstances, offering us a chance to savor the passing of time in a different way, almost as in days of long-ago.

Perhaps it is for this reason, that we, who tell the stories of our territory and of its past inhabitants on a daily basis, began studying the medieval panels of the months in the loggia of the Duomo of Lucca more carefully.

It is almost as if that time of yore has come back, in order that we reflect more carefully on the values and good things that have been kept alive to present day here in Lucca. Observing the panels once again, we can reflect, month after month, upon the best traditions and values that are the foundations of our society.

So follow us every month right through to December!

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